We Serve the Best Hyderabadi Biryani in Navi Mumbai

Who doesn’t love a good biryani?

Are you looking for an authentic Hyderabadi biryani near you in Navi Mumbai that has a delightful aroma and an authentic taste to pamper your taste buds? And, which is not like most other biryanis which are either too greasy and spicy – or just curry and rice mixed together? Then, you’ve arrived at the right place – Charminar Biryani !

charminar hyderabadi chicken biryani

At Charminar Biryani, our passion is Hyderabadi Biryani – The Royal festive dish that was perfected by the khansamas in the kitchens of the Hyderabad Nizam and Nawabs. This classic Hyderabadi biryani – the royal Festive dish which was once served on the dining tables of the Nizam has a 400-year-old rich history. We take pride in presenting our biryanis and other dishes with traditional recipes from the authentic Hyderabad cuisine, a mixture of Andhra and Telengana style of cooking.

Hyderabadi biryani is a complete meal in itself. It is an exotic blend of secret spices infused in aromatic long-grained basmati rice and succulent meat, cooked over a slow fire in a dum. ‘Apollo Fish’ and ‘Chicken 65’ are our best sellers after our authentic Hyderabad Dum Biryani.

Our chefs at Charminar Biryani bring you these authentic Hyderabadi delicacies at your doorstep in Navi Mumbai. We make a wholesome, fresh, and aromatic biryani — a traditional recipe of layered rice, fresh meat, or vegetables marinated in secret fragrant spices. Hyderabadi Biryani is indeed a meal fit for the Kings, and now Charminar Biryani brings the same royal recipe to You!

At Charminar Biryani, we take pride in what we serve, and that reflects on the quality of food we serve as we know our customers deserve the best. We want to give you the experience of savoring the best authentic Hyderabadi biryanis in Navi Mumbai. You will definitely find out biryanis irresistible. You will be convinced that we cook the perfect Hyderabadi dum biryani when you experience the delicate taste of our tender meats and the tantalizing aromas of our biryanis. Our recipes have been perfected over generations, which use secret ingredients like high-quality saffron, the best quality of long-grained basmati rice & a secret blend of spices. All our biryanis are cooked in layers, in huge traditional dum vessels, over a slow fire. The elaborate dum cooking process captures the natural juices of meats and natural flavors of spices,  resulting in biryanis that are fragrant with a rich taste.

hyderabadi biryani by kilo

What’s Hot at Charminar Biryani?

We serve authentic Hyderabadi dum biryanis – a confluence of Persian and Andhra culinary styles – these recipes were perfected over the years by chefs in the Royal kitchens. Apart from Biryanis, we also offer authentic Hyderabadi cuisine.

We also offer Catering for Parties, Picnics, Office Meetings, Weddings, Conventions, and other festive occasions anywhere in Navi Mumbai. You can also order Biryanis by Kilo from our website.

We are currently revamping our website, so that soon you’d be able to Order Biryani Online from our menu, for delivery anywhere in Navi Mumbai.