What is the Most Popular Indian Chicken Dish?

chicken biryani

Most Popular Chicken Dishes from India

Indian food is loved in many countries worldwide and some of the most popular Indian dishes are Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala. But what chicken dishes are popular in India?

Well, the most popular chicken delicacy in India has to be Biryani. Biryani is a rice dish made with spices and meat. India, which has a large population, has different types of chicken delicacies. But, Biryani is a dish that is common to all kinds of cuisines, be it Awadhi or Hyderabadi. Although biryani can be made with different types of meat, the chicken biryani is the most popular biryani in India.

chicken biryani

A simple way of cooking the biryani involves cooking the rice and meat separately and finally cooking them together by layering each other in a container. One of the most famous ways of cooking Biryani is the dum method. It involves sealing the container thoroughly and keeping the lid closed to trap the aroma. The Biryani is then simmered in the dum style.

Biryani is also a difficult dish to make, especially when the biryani is made in the kachchi style where the raw meat is cooked along with the rice in a dum style. Perfection can only be achieved if the spices are perfectly balanced and the whole process is monitored meticulously.

If there is such a thing as God’s food, it is undoubtedly the biryani. The magic of biryani lies in the way the rice is transformed into something ambrosial.

Special Chicken Dishes from Different States of India

What are the other popular chicken dishes in India? That is difficult to say. India has different cultures, and so there are different cuisine styles. Chicken dishes that are popular in  north India are very different from those popular in the southern, eastern or western states of India.

Let’s begin from the topmost state of Jammu and Kashmir. Due to the cold weather, people in this prefer lamb over chicken. Rogan Josh and Chicken Pulao are the most popular chicken dishes in Jammu and Kashmir.

Now let’s go southward to the states of Delhi, Punjab and Haryana. Hands down the most popular dish here is dry style tandoori chicken and gravy style butter chicken.

butter chicken

In the neighboring state of Himachal Pradesh, Anardana Chicken is a very popular chicken dish. Chicken is marinated with dried pomegranate seeds in making this delectable dish.

As we move to Uttar Pradesh, most of his chicken recipes in this state are influenced by the Mughal style of cooking. Therefore, chicken gravy dishes are not popular here. Chicken biryani and Chicken Kabab – a roasted chicken patty are the most popular chicken dishes.

Coming to Bihar, chicken curry is the most popular chicken dish. It is usually prepared in the homemade style with lots of red chili peppers and various other spices.

As we go east towards Bengal, you must bear in mind that Kolkata is considered as the Food Capital of India by many food enthusiasts. Bengalis are fond of food, and they take pains to perfect their dishes. Although Bengali cuisine is dominated by fish and lamb, there are many delicacies like Kosha Murgir Mangsho – a spicy dish in semi dry style – No doubt it is one of the most delicious Indian chicken curries.

Chicken Chaap is another popular Bengali dish that is influenced by the Mughal style of cooking.  Marinated chicken is slowly cooked in rich gravy.

tandoori chicken

As we head northeast, we must bear in mind that most of their dishes are influenced by Bengali and Asian style of cooking. A good example is a chicken dish from Assam called Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura, in which chicken is cooked with bamboo shoots.

Chicken Naga from the northeastern state of Nagaland, is definitely the hottest chicken curry in the world. This curry uses the Ghost Pepper or Bhoot Jolokia, which is the hottest chili pepper in the world, that is also mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The neighboring state of Manipur boasts of  chicken curry dish that has subtle flavors. This dish is called Yen Thongba. Kukuda Jhola is another type of chicken curry dish with mild flavors popular in the state of Odisha, which is otherwise dominated by fish and mutton dishes.

Coming to the west, Rajasthan is another state largely dominated by mutton dishes. However, there are some popular chicken dishes, such as the Safed Manns (white meat). In this dish, chicken is prepared in a white creamy sauce that has a nutty flavor.

Gujarat is a state famous for its vegetarian cuisine. There are practically no famous non-vegetarian dishes in Gujarat, except the Salli Murgh, a dish popular with the Parsi community. It’s a mildly flavored chicken dish which is served with thin, crispy fried potato finger chips.

parsi salli murgh

Maharashtra, is a state famous for its spicy dishes. Chicken Kolhapuri, Saoji Chicken and Malvani Chicken curry are very popular in Maharashtra.

Goa, the state adjacent to Maharashra has some exotic chicken dishes such as Chicken Vindaloo, another world-famous spicy dish influenced by the Portuguese style of cooking.

chicken kolhapuri

Going south to Karnataka, Kundapura Koli Saru is a popular spicy chicken dish that is prepared with a variety of spices in coconut oil. Chicken Sukka or Kori Sukka is another popular dish native to Mangalore in Karnataka.

As we move towards Andhra Pradesh, we can notice the influence of South Indian spices and preparation methods. Andhra style pepper chicken is very popular in south India.

Some areas in Andhra Pradesh such as Hyderabad have a great influence of Islamic cuisine in their dishes. Hyderabad is a city similar to Lucknow. Chicken is rarely used in gravy dishes, due to the preference of mutton in Mughlai recipes. The world famous Hyderbadi Biryani is made with both mutton as well as chicken.

When we arrive in Tamil Nadu, without a doubt, Chicken Chettinad is a very popular dish there. It is a mildly spiced dish from the Chettinad region, flavored with coconut and poppy seeds.

In the southernmost state of Kerala, a region dominated by fish, a popular chicken dish is the Kerala Style Pepper Chicken, where chicken is seasoned with freshly ground black pepper.

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