Order Hyderabadi Biryani Online

Order Biryani Online in Navi Mumbai

Are you craving biryani and looking for Biryani delivery near you? We take pleasure in announcing our Biryani ordering service in Navi Mumbai. You can now order Hyderabadi Biryanis and Hyderabadi Cuisine online from Charminar Biryani for takeout and home delivery in Navi Mumbai.

order hyderabadi biryani online

Try the Best Biryani Near You

We specialize in making delectable Hyderabadi biryani and Hyderabadi cuisine. We offer and serve the exquisite Hyderabadi cuisine prepared by our team of expert Chefs who use the freshest and high quality ingredients for the best possible taste. Service at Charminar Biryani is impeccable – prompt, hospitable, and superior.

The Best Hyderabadi Cuisine in Navi Mumbai

If you are craving biryanis in Navi Mumbai then you are in for a treat because we are one of the Biryani restaurants in Navi Mumbai that brings you traditional flavors and spices of Nizam’s Kitchen to leave you mesmerized with our authentic Hyderabadi dishes. We offer the perfect blend of Hyderabadi flavors and spices that spread the aroma of love.  Charminar biryani restaurant would make you fall in love with its food that is tasty, flavorful and hygienic.

You don’t have to leave your home to reach us. We will bring you the biryanis you crave at your doorstep. We love food as much as you do, and we believe in spreading happiness. Please check our delightful menu that includes the famous Hyderabadi dishes as well as other regional biryanis.  Experience delicious biryanis with the convenience of ordering biryanis online for delivery all over Navi Mumbai.

Biryanis that are delicious, safe, and hygienic

During this pandemic, we want to limit the spread of coronavirus. We care for your health and safety, so we are doing our best to keep our food safe and hygienic.

We wash our vegetables with Rock Salt & Turmeric. We do not use any artificial colors or flavors.

We employ strict safety precautions while cooking. All our kitchen and delivery staff wear masks and are regularly undergo health checkup. We track the body temperature of our staff on a daily basis. All our kitchen and delivery staff are instructed to wear masks at all times. All of our staff are encouraged to wash hands at least once in an hour. We sanitize all our kitchen surfaces every four hours.

Our food is cooked at high temperature, leaving no scope for any virus or bacteria in our food. We employ touch-free cooking and double sealed, tamper-proof packaging to avoid contamination. And we take every measure to ensure Contact-less and On-time delivery at your doorstep.

Order food online through Charminar Biryani

Sometimes you don’t feel like cooking. Then ordering food online is the solution! At Charminar Biryani you can choose from a wide range of delicious dishes. We are of course famous for our Hyderabadi Biryanis , but we have more! Starters, Curries, Breads and desserts . There is certainly something delicious for everyone! You can enjoy delicious Hyderabadi biryanis and other dishes at home quickly and easily.

Order food quickly and easily

Ordering is very easy. Choose your favorite dish, pay and your order will be delivered to your home or office in no time. Your order is usually delivered within 40 minutes, so you never have to wait long. We deliver biryanis all over Navi Mumbai, and we have plan to expand our services to Mumbai soon.

Order Biryanis from the comfort of your home

You can order our Biryanis from the comfort of your home. Ordering food online has never been easier! You can easily and quickly order your food to be delivered your at your home or office.

Order biryanis with a discount at Charminar Biryani

Charminar Biryani always has the best deals and promotions for online customers. This way you can order the tastiest Biryanis at discounts. View our current offers here via promotions . Check the active coupons for the month. In addition, you can visit our special discount coupons page for truly exclusive and competitive deals .

What are you waiting for? Order your food online!

How to Order Biryanis online with Charminar Biryani?

  • Browse through our online menu to find the food you’d like to order.
  • Place your personalized order on our website or through our app.
  • Simply pay online by card through a secure payment gateway.
  • Stay Ready for your Food. You will receive the food you ordered with our super-fast delivery.